The Boy in the Sttriped Pyjamas tells the story of a family that lives in Berlin, Germany. The principal character is Bruno, a 9-year-0ld boy who has a rich family because of his father, who is a Nazi soldier who has a really good reputation. The father is sent to Auschwitz, a concentration camp which is a little far from their house. All the family have to move to Auschwitz and Bruno and his sister Gretel aren't very happy with the idea of moving there.
There, in Auschwitz, Bruno and Gretel are bored and one day they see some boys in striped uniforms. Bruno is very interested in them and one day he goes near the fence and talks to a boy with that strange striped uniform. He told Bruno that he's called Shmuel. They become friends and... what happens next you'll know if yu read the book.

It's a really moving book. I watched the film also when I was 10 or 11 and I almost cried. I recommend it to everyone.

Andrés Sánchez-Izquierdo Knajöl. 4ºB

This book is the second one of the famous trilogy called "The Hunger Games".
In the first book, Katniss Fuerdeen and Peeta Melark won this competition called "the Hunger Games". Now they have to get ready for the victory tour and to be mentors in the 75th anual hunger games, but what they didn't know is that people are starting a revelion against the Capitol, which Katniss and Peeta have inspired, and this will change everything they think they know about their nation.
I read this book because I love this trilogy and when I finished the first one I couldn't wait for the second.
This book is an adventure, fiction and action book. If you read it carefully, it isn't just fiction or action, it is a deep political and social criticism.
It hasn't got any pictures but I personally love that because I can imagine the world of the Hunger Games as I like.
I loved this book because I think it has got everything, I mean, It has a love story, action, also we can see how strong hope is and the power of the village and, of course, the deep criticism. It defends values like bravery, solidarity, supervivence, union, empathy and all kinds of love. And I personally love the way and the resources that Suzanne Collins use to give life to Katniss and the other characters.

Clara Holguera Vera. 4ºB


This book written by Gerald Durrell is about his childhood in Greece. He was very interested in nature and he spent the days looking for bugs and observing trees.
His family is a little weird and he writes this book from a hilarious point of view.
This story is set in summer, the writer took lessons during summer, so he explains his relationship with his teacher, who found him extremely curious kid. It's also about how he met the people of the village.
It's written in a way that shows you exactly how the trees he sees or the streets he goes through look.
I think it is a very enterteining book, and it seemed familiar to me. It is very easy to read and I recommend it to anyone who has time to read a quiet book and I think grown people would like it best.
Elia. Cabrero. 4ºB


This book called Danny, the Champion of the World is written by Roald Dahl.
It is about a boy called Danny, who lived in a caravan with his father, next to a gas station that belonged to them.
Danny really admired his father, but one day, he discovered his secret. Danny's father went out at night to hunt pheasants. At first, Danny was a bit disappointed, but finally he decided to help him. One day, Danny's father got into trouble, because he went haunting pheasants at night and he fell into a trap, but he couldn't get out. As he didn't come back home, Danny suspected something bad had happened, so he went to the forest to look for his father.
At the end, Danny saved his father from the trap and everything ends up alright.
As I see it, this book was a bit boring but it shows a lot of values, like the loyalty and the love between the father and the son.

Marta Vaquera Sánchez. 4ºB


The Clan of the Cave Bear is a book that I read when I was seven.
It is about Ayla, a girl who has lost his family in an earthquake during the neardenthales and Cro-Magnon times.
A Clan of Cro-Magnons takes care of her. Iza, the healer of the clan, who is preagnant, takes Ayla to her "place" next to the fire and teaches her how to use and find food and medicines. Creb, the mog-ur(something like a saint, a person who is holy and has the highest social position in the tribe) helps them. Ayla always feels different from the other people of the Clan of the Cave Bear, because she is part of the Neardenthales instead of Cro-Magnons.
I really like this book, Ayla is a really good main character, the way she thinks about their society and their strange habits. She was five when she entered the clan so she had to change all her hapits. I prefer the second book, when Jondolar starts to teach Ayla about the Neardenthales' behaviour.

Clara Chaves Gutiérrez. 4ºB